Partnering for Success

We have partnered with Cyber Risk Aware – the leading provider of IT security training software – and Tenable, a household name in understanding and reducing cybersecurity risk through vulnerability and penetration testing. Together we strive to help organisations of all sizes manage, measure and reduce their cyber risk and close the cyber exposure gap.

Award winning Cyber Security Specialist provider of the world’s first “Real-Time” Continuous Security Awareness Training, Cyber Knowledge Assessment, Phishing and Smishing threat simulations

Proact is also the only authorised Tenable Partner in the region. Mostly known for their flagship product, Nessus Professional, Tenable also represent:

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  • (formerly known as Security Centre), the on-prem vulnerability assessment solution which consists of Nessus scanner + Passive Vulnerability Scanner + Log Correlation Engine

  • for cloud vulnerability assessments with the same functionality as but which also includes web portfolio scanning (web containers)

Protecting computer networks is not a ‘set it and forget it’ business. To have the best chance of remaining intact, a network’s defences must be continually monitored and tested. Proact uses Nessus Professional for vulnerability assessments. Our qualified security engineers carry out these assessments one by one, and we present a detailed report of the findings at the end of each of these exercises.

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Although relatively easy to set up and maintain, you can ‘top up’ your Cyber Risk Awareness subscription, with our Managed Services so you don’t have to worry about managing staff training, leaving you with the simple peace of mind you are getting the most out of your investment.
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