Cyber Security Awareness

A company’s staff is the greatest untapped resource in the fight against cybercrime. Although research has shown that in 90% of successful cyber-attacks or more, there is an element of human fallibility involved, what those studies fail to mention is that a trained and vigilant staff could become the greatest barrier of defense against attacks such as trojans, viruses, ransomware, and other electronic security threats.

Technical scans, firewalls, and automated monitoring help but will never replace a well-trained eye. A workforce which is truly cyber risk aware is one which is much less likely to ever fall prey to cyber intrusions.

Most intrusions require an employee’s assistance – and usually, that’s unknowing assistance. Therefore, by training the employee body on the universal responsibility of security, not only do you raise their understanding and awareness, but you ward off employee apathy by actively involving them as part of a solution, rather than simply an ‘insider threat’.

Proact has partnered with Cyber Risk Aware – the most user-friendly integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform provider on the market.

What is included in the portal

Phishing simulation

Security Awareness Training

Real-time awareness

Cyber Knowledge Assessment

Risk & Compliance Reporting